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Rules of Solo


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All members on Solo are expected to treat each other with respect, EVEN in the event of disagreement.

1. Flames WILL NOT be tolerated on Solo. Period.

2. Avoid making "Me too", "Thank you" or "I agree" posts on the list.
    Also, avoid quoting the entire post, unless it is only a few lines.

3. Do not send attachments, programs, chain letters, unconfirmed "virus alerts" or
    excessive commercial advertisements to the list.
   (Excessive commercial ads are more than once a week unsolicited.)
   Advertisements in signature lines are acceptable. (Up to 10 lines.)

4. Posting private messages publicly without the permission of all parties involved
   is not allowed, and considered to be disrespectful of the other person.

5. Do not cc: things to this list that didn't start out on this list.


If you *do not agree* or *will not* follow these guidelines, please unsubscribe now. It's the right of every user on Solo to request that the guidelines be followed. If for some reason an issue can not be solved amongst the members on the list then concerns, problems, and complaints should be submitted to one of the owners.

The following steps will be taken (if the complaint is found to be a valid one):

1st OFFENSE: The offender will receive a private e-mail from an owner requesting that the behavior that is breaking the guidelines be stopped immediately. Each member will be allowed three such warning before we proceed to steps two and three.

2nd OFFENSE: The offender will be suspended from the list for one week.

3rd OFFENSE: The offender will be suspended from the list indefinitely or for a period of time the list owners deem appropriate.

ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE OWNERS ARE FINAL. Any complaints about a decision made can be submitted in private email to the owners of the list. Posting such messages to the list will not be tolerated. If you have any further questions, please let one of the list owners know!

Enjoy the list, and Blessed Be!
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We would like to add the note that we try to treat the list as a family, and encourage that kind of "feel" to this list.

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