The Candle Keepers

As a sort of magickal community service, the denzens of Solo keep a candle burning at all times to pass energy to those who need it.

We have a weekly roster (see the bottom of the page) of two people per week. These candle keepers keep a jar candle burning throughout the week to send positive energy in the direction of those who need it.

Requests for help and for people to be placed on the list can go to Dragon Mom flickering candle

Kassandra suggests the following chant while lighting the candle:

I light this offering
To the ones who are in need
we send our love, our powers
GOD and GODDESS hear our plea
bring peace to all who cry.

The current roster is:

Oct 21 - Oct 27 Morgayne and Katherine

Oct 28 - Nov 3 Selene Silverwind and Laura

Nov 4 - Nov 10 Gary and Blue Unicorn

Nov 11 - Nov 17 Morgayne and Genevre

Nov 18 - Nov 24 Karen and Dragon Mom

Nov 25 - Dec 1 Katherine and Selene Silverwind

Dec 2 - Dec 8 Laura and Gary

Dec 9 - Dec 15 Blue Unicorn and Morgayne

Dec 16 - Dec 22 Genevre and Karen

Dec 23 - Dec 29 Dragon Mom and Katherine

Dec 30 - Jan 5 Selene Silverwind and Laura

Jan 6 - Jan 12 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Jan 13 - Jan 19 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Jan 20 - Jan 26 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Jan 27 -Feb 2 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Feb 3 - Feb 9 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Feb 10 - Feb 16 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Feb 17 - Feb 23 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Feb 24 - Mar 2 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

Mar 3 - Mar 9 Volunteer! and Volunteer!

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