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States Included
Big Cities
NorthEast Solo Roster

States Included

Maine (ME)

New Hampshire (NH)

Vermont (VT)

Massachusetts (MA)

New York (NY)

New Jersey (NJ)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

Delaware (DE)

Big Cities

New York, NY
Rochester, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA

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States Included
Big Cities
Southeast Solo Roster

States Included

Maryland (MD)

Tennessee (TN)

Alabama (AL)

District of Columbia (DC)

North Carolina (NC)

Mississippi (MS)

Virginia (VA)

South Carolina (SC)

Arkansas (AK)

West Virginia (WV)

Georgia (GA)

Louisiana (LA)

Kentucky (KY)

Florida (FL)


Big Cities

Washington, DC
Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
Louisville, KY
Nashville, TN
Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
Miami, FL
New Orleans, LA

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States Included
Big Cities
Central Solo Roster

States Included

Ohio (OH)

Missouri (MO)

Michigan (MI)

Indiana (IN)

Iowa (IA)

Minnesota (MN)

Illinois (IL)

Wisconsin (WI)


Big Cities

Cleveland, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Milwaukee, WI
Detroit, MI
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

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States Included
Big Cities
Northwest Solo Roster

States Included

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE) 

Montana (MT)

South Dakota (SD)

Kansas (KS)

Wyoming (WY)

Big Cities

Kansas City, KS
Lincoln, NE
Fargo, ND
Billings, MT
Butte, MT

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States Included
Big Cities
Southwest Solo Roster

States Included

Texas (TX) 

Colorado (CO)

Utah (UT)

Oklahoma (OK)

New Mexico (NM)

Arizona (AZ)

Big Cities

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
San Antonio, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Denver, CO
Albuquerque, NM
Salt Lake City, UT
Phoenix, AZ

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States Included
Big Cities
Pacific Solo Roster

States Included

Idaho (ID) 

Washington (WA)

California (CA)

Nevada (NV)

Oregon (OR)


Big Cities

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Boise, ID

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