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Solo's History


"Welcome to the Solo list! We are a discussion forum for solitary practitioners of peaceful spiritual paths. The list has a very broad focus; we discuss matters of interest to solitary practitioners, which means that everything from psychology to environmental issues to science fiction can be considered on-topic when framed in a context relating somehow to our spirituality (and those relations are sometimes highly tenuous *wink*). We welcome you to the list; pull a chair up by the hearth and share a cup of herbal tea (or mead, or chocolate milk, or soy milk, or whatever *grin*) with us while we chat about this and that. Feel free to chime in with your opinions and ideas. Feel free to ask questions. We are an open and loving family, and while we may not always agree, we strive to treat each other with respect and honor. Come join the discussions! Merry meet!" - Tiger Eye

This was the concept of the creation of Solo, and part of the first welcome message when Tiger Eye started this list with Merlin’s help. Tiger Eye is a loving, creative woman and did a wonderful job of running the list on the system Merlin set up for her. The current owners have tried to keep the spirit behind Solo as it was originally meant- a open and loving family of solitary practitioners on a peaceful spiritual path. However, as with any creation Solo has taken on a life of it’s own.

As the membership on the list grew, nearing almost 500 people, Tiger Eye’s method of keeping peace on the list fell apart. There became three distinct populations on the list. Members that enjoyed sharing recipes and being social, those that wanted to only discuss clearly pagan related maters, and those that wanted to be able to have serious debates without being PC and fearful of hurting others feelings. As fighting broke out amongst these groups, and Tiger Eye’s requests for peace were unheeded, Merlin stepped in and tried to restore the peace. The list was used to Tiger Eye’s non-invasive approach to running things and were shocked by Merlin’s "take charge" attitude.

Arguments about how Solo should be managed over took the list, and all sanity seemed to go out of the window. Frustration racked both Tiger Eye and Merlin, because their creation of a peaceful haven for pagans was literally falling apart before their eyes. The decision to end Solo was made, however Merlin came up with an idea. Rather than dissolving Solo altogether because of the fighting, three separate lists were created. One for each group. Solo was for the group that wanted only to discuss pagan issues. Solo-Fluff was created as a creative, playful and social place. Solo-Debate was created for those members that wanted to debate to their hearts content in a free-forum fashion. Tiger Eye left the list out of exhaustion, while Merlin, Emy and Anaya stayed in her place to run the lists in their best efforts.

Solo had a new beginning. The concept of three separate lists did not go over well. There were lots of complaints and no one clearly understood which list was for what. Some discussion and arguments continued. With Tiger Eye gone, a new way of management took over. However, there were no "rules". Nothing to say what was okay, and was wasn’t. It was a frustrating time, and one that has taken a good deal of "life" out of the list.

The feel of the list is completely different, and it took a while to figure out how everything was supposed to work. Eventually guidelines were set up. The names changed slightly from Solo to Solo-Pagan, Solo-Fluff to Solo-Community and Solo-Debate remained Solo-Debate. These names in conjunction with the guidelines were designed to cut down on the confusion. Karen joined as an owner on Solo-Community. With some adjustment, and over a period of time the lists congealed into being. Life on the Solo-Triad was quiet, but good.

Then, the news came that Solo was no longer going to be hosted at listproc. A decision had to be made. There was discussion.Members were asked for their opinions. The responses were read, and all but two of the members asked that Solo be merged back into one list. However, all of the owners agreed that merging the lists posed a problem. While Solo-Pagan and Solo-Community can combine rather easily Solo-Debate was a different story. The philosophies behind Solo-Debate had evolved into something entirely different. Something new, and fundamentally altered than what Solo is based on.

Another decision had to be made. Solo-Pagan and Solo-Community were clearly going to merge back together. Solo-Debate needed to be kept separate. Then arguments broke out about exactly how the lists would be run, and how they would relate to each other. The concept that Solo-Debate should have broken off a long time ago reemerged. It became apparent this was the best and only feasible option. Alabaster and John T. then moved on to create a new, separate list called Solo-Open. Taking the name from what they feel Solo should be about. (Information on the philosophy behind Solo-Open and subscribing directions are available.)

In light of this, all three lists of Solo have merged back into the original Solo with some very distinct differences. First of all, Tiger Eye is long gone. We miss her and respectfully recognize her as the birth mother of Solo. Second of all, the list now has guidelines to follow to moderate itself. The owners, while remaining passive as Tiger Eye did allowing Solo to go what ever direction it chooses, reserve the right to step in and resolve disputes that cannot be done so in private. None of us want to see a reoccurrence of past problems.

In the end, Solo will be as it was meant to be. "A discussion forum for solitary practitioners of peaceful spiritual paths". It is what we make of it. We’ve been given the space, and the structure in which to do what we want with. This is our community, our family.

So once again, we say to you, "Welcome to the list; pull up a chair by the hearth and share a drink with us while we chat about this and that."

Blessed be,
Anaya, Alabaster, Emy and Karen

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