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   Solo Home Page


  • Solo Rules 

  • The basic rules for the Solo List 
  • The Solo Candle-Keepers

  • Information on the candle-keeping list, the roster and dates. 
  • Using the List Processor

  • General list information, the processor commands, general etiquette guide. 
    If in doubt, READ THIS ONE. 
  • Solo Contributers

  • Biographies of all list members who were brave enough to provide them (some  with pictures!). The notorious kilt and loincloth photos are here. 
  • The Great Bugzu

  • Find out here about Solo's very own private deity, the Great Bugzu. 
  • Locator Map!
  • Use the locator map to find out what region you are in, and then the roster to find your local Solo'ers.

  • Soon to be World-wide!) 
  • History of SOLO

  • For anyone interested in the origins of Solo, its struggles and history,this brief by Anaya is for you! 
  • store logo Solo Book Store

  • Find the books recommended by your list-mates and purchase them on-line to anywhere in the world! 
  • Solo Booklist

  • A list of books and references that you may find useful. A good starting point for research. 
  • The Solo Book of Shadows
  • The Solo Recipe Book! 

  • A varied and eclectic group of recipes created or recommended by our members. Maintained by Dragon Mom 
  • List of Lists

  • This is a list of most of the mailing lists available on just about any topic that you could possibly be interested in. 
  • Candle Making by Vira

  • An excellent starting point if you want to make your own candles.
    Personal  Favorites 
  • Personal Web Pages

  • These are the webpages of your fellow Solo members. 
  • The Solo Birthday List

  • This is a list of all the birthdays. Email us if you want to add yours! 
  • Hot Links!

  • Links to sites recommended by Solo members past and present. 
    If you don't have a scanner, and would like to send a photo to be scanned, then you can contact the following US residents. They are happy to perform scanning for the Solo Home Page, and you don't have to send your photos to Hong Kong. The volunteers are: 
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The Owners
In as much as this list can be "owned", Solo is owned by the following people:
Felina Silvermoon (), online status unknown Page Me
Emy (), who helps the other owners with their sanity,  online status unknown Page Me
Karen (), who hosts the web pages, and online status unknown Page Me
Alabaster (), who also hosts .

These pages are maintained by our and her cronies. Email her any time with comments or suggestions. Any errors or omissions are purely due to overwork. But feel free to correct them, or add links if you like.