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Solo Web Links

These are links that people have mentioned on the list and that we have collected. Feel free to add! Warning: They are in no particular order,like any good collection. Hail Eris!


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  • The Alchemy Home Page

  •     If you leave a unicorn out in the rain, it shrinks... screen savers and neat stuff 
  • The Witches' League for Public Awareness
  • The Stele  

  •      (a study of Ancient Greek  and Roman Culture) 
  • Lark in the Morning

  •      music store with an online catalog 
  • HerbWeb
  • Anna's LARP Craft Links Page
  • The Pagan Web
  • Circle Sanctuary
  • Reclaiming
  • Witch's Brew
  • The Neopagan Archives
       (Lysator site - other good stuff too!)

  • Amazon dot Com
  • Powell'sHome Page  

  •    They'll attempt to find any book! 
    Powell's Search Box. 
  • Universal Life Church 
  •    (on-line ordination) 
  • On-Line Tarot Course
  • EarthSpirit's Pagan Chant Library
  • The US Naval Observatory
  • Starhawk's Home Page
       by the author herself,
       a chance to get behind the hype.
  • Using the Listproc   Hall of Fame   Candle Keepers   The Great Bugzu