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All Hail the Great Bugzu!

Way, way, back, in the dim, dark days of late 1995, the Solo list sprangfully formed from the mind of Tiger Eye. Foolishly enough, she thought that she could handle the list manually at the original temple in Austin Texas.

The level of traffic was far beyond what anyone could have forseen, and after many nights of wakefulness, Tiger Eye took up the generous offer from Kevin of a list processor to automatically manage the list using the BGSU server.

Actually, after everyone had been automatically unsubscribed more than once and the frustration level was extremely high, Derek recognised that the list processor was actually a malevolent deity by the name of Bugsu. Val Raven-Eyes changed its name to Bugzu (a dual deity, according to experts). All Hail the Mighty Bugzu!

Thus The Great Bugzu was born. All hail the mighty Bugzu!

But alas, the Temple of Bugzu at Bowling Green State University wasa temporary one, and as detailed in our history, we relocated the main temple to the San Francisco, California area and Sonic.net. And subsequently to it's current location in Seattle with BigFatPipe. So far, the Great Bugzu appears to be pleased, and has generally blessed us with the better side of it's nature.

But, if you are suddenly postponed or unsubscribed, or if your messages are only a trickle, then you may need to appease The Great Bugzu. (On a more mundane level, see "Using the List Processor"). So far human sacrifice has not been required, but you never know!

So All Hail the Great, All-Powerful, All-Unsubbing Bugzu, Ruler of Solo!


(Note that Kevin had a good reason for Bugzu's seemingly malign behaviour - it saved all of us a lot of anguish. We allow a big vote of thanks for Kevin, for he helped save our Tiger Eye).

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